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We Repair ALL Electronics Including: High-End Audio Equipment, PS3 TV's Xbox360 Wii(U) iPhone2/3/4/5/c/s Amplifiers Vintage Equipment Car + Home Radios + MORE!

                              Professional Video Game Repair




     The Service Center is the place for professional video game repair, we have great prices on quality repairs.        Is your Xbox360 displaying Xbox error codes? We can help with everything from PS2 repair, professional PS3 repair and PSP repair to Xbox repair quality Nintendo DS repair and even GameCube repair.

We also offer Xbox consoles & accessories (this includes Xbox accessories AND Xbox 360 accessories) as well as PS3 accessories. With this much variety of products and services, we know you'll find exactly what you need here! We appreciate your visit today, and look forward to serving you

In many cases, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will charge over $150 USD for repairs to your video game system! If your system is less than 90 days old then it is likely still covered by the original manufacturers warranty. In these cases, you should call the maunfacturer for repair services. If your unit is older than 90 days, then consider for your system repair. In many cases, we can repair your damaged video game unit for around $119 USD and that INCLUDES return shipping!


If you have ever shipped your video game system to Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony in the past for repairs, or you visited your local video game retailer, undoubtedly you have found that you are just a 'number' on a long list of pending repair orders. With us, we treat you as a client. We are continually in touch with our clients through e-mail and our state-of-the-art Client Control Panel. Have a question? Just ask! Want to know about your repair order? Send us a message and you will get a response within minutes. That is why we are one of the leading video game repair companies.