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We Repair ALL Electronics Including: High-End Audio Equipment, PS3 TV's Xbox360 Wii(U) iPhone2/3/4/5/c/s Amplifiers Vintage Equipment Car + Home Radios + MORE!

Laptop and Computer Repair

    At TSC  Laptop and Computer  Service, our experienced laptop technicians perform prompt service on all makes and models of laptop & notebook computers.  Our qualified technical staff diagnoses challenging problems for brands like Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell and many others. 

    We offer FREE return ground Shipping within Continental United States. We offer very competitive prices for quality laptop repair service.   Our laptop repair estimates include parts and labor. Be aware of the sites that claim flat rates; in most cases these flat rates are only for labor, then you get surprises by the cost of parts

One of the best ways to find quality computer service is to ask around, and one of the best places to ask is the local ISP "Internet Service Provider". ISPs deal with hundreds of service needs, from their customers, each year. Ask the local ISP if they sell or service computers! If they do, their advice may be somewhat suspect. If they don't, you can bet they know the best computer repair places around. If you are a customer of a local ISP give them a call, if not, check your yellow pages and call two or three local Internet Service Providers.

A few more things that may help you find a competent technician to entrust with your computer:

  • Ask them how long they have been in business.
        10 years is a good start!


  • Check with the Better Business Bureau about a particular computer business.


  • Make sure you receive ALL your old parts back.



    Most computers have irreplaceable data stored on their hard disk drives. We do everything in our power to insure the integrity of your data.

    Data or program loss can happen due to equipment failure or other reasons out of our control.

    We always recommend you keep backups of all your valuable data.


    Confidentiality is a Promise

    Your personal and business files are safe with us. We never read, copy or divulged any of our client’s information. With clients like banks, law enforcement, government agencies, doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers and just plain folks, we NEVER pry into their affairs.

    And that’s a Promise!


    We keep you informed

    If during our laboratory analysis, we discover problems that were not apparent at first look, we will contact you before repairs are initiated.

    Occasionally, during laboratory analysis, we uncover problems that require more extensive work and/or parts than originally thought.

    We will always keep you informed!


    Nothing but the best

    We use only the highest quality repair parts for all of our service work.

    Our repair components are generally of a higher quality then the original parts used when your computer was originally constructed.


    You can rest assured

    Your computer will be serviced by the most competent and proficient professionals in the industry.

    Once you become our client, you can always call us for help on any computer related problem or question.